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So many styles to choose from including crochet, crochet braids with dreds, tree braids, micros, havana twists, kinky twists, sengalese, corn rolls and box braids

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We are one of Cleveland’s top african hair braiding salons. Our braiders have years of experience with a variety of braiding styles. We are trained in just about every style imaginable.

How to maintain your braids for Healthy Hair

  • Use a spray bottle to keep your scalp moist. This will only take a few minutes per day we highly recommend you implement this.
  • It is a good idea to wear a scarf or head wrap at night to protect your hair. Silk is the best material to use. Wrapping your braids can prevent edges from breaking and maintain moisture.
  • Watch what oils you use on your hair i would avoid mineral oils and opt for coconut or almond oil instead these oils are more natural for your hair.
  • Wash your braids about every 2 weeks
  • After about a month you should take out the braids along your edges and put new ones in. Make sure you use conditioner on that hair and get the tangles out before putting the new ones in.
  • You should not wear your braids for more than 15 weeks which is equal to around 4 months at that point you should take them out.


  • Your hair can be maintained easily
  • Optimal hair growth


  • Improper removal can cause natural hair to come out (use a professional if you cannot remove them properly)
  • Braids that are too tight will not allow your scalp to breath

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